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NOTE: I am currently employed and am no longer interested in a new position. This page is for reference only. Thanks for your interest!

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Dorothy Nelson jobs@dorothynelson.com • 408-230-6020
website: http://www.dorothynelson.com

To craft positive user experiences and successful products, average consumer personas a specialty.

Staff Interaction Designer - eBay, Inc.
June 2001 - July 2004
Redesigned the Sell Your Item form, the primary listing tool used by eBay sellers. The redesign tasks included requirements gathering and negotiation with the Selling Business Unit and Product Management, designing and building eBay's first high-fidelity usability testing prototype using Javascript/VBScript/HTML, finishing designs based on usability findings and business feedback, helping to design a phased rollout for this sensitive product area, helping Quality Assurance, and post-launch mini-fix designs to address Community and business concerns. The redesign was estimated to reduce new user abandonment rates from 45% with the old form to 25% with the new one.
Helped coordinate several eBay Product Teams for the Turbo Lister product (Windows client application selling tool) -- between business development/marketing, product management, usability, engineering -- to incorporate user-centered design into product plans with attainable project schedules, maximizing benefit vs. cost.
Acted as primary designer and contact for all selling projects, mentoring newer designers and coordinating all selling-touching projects by creating a Project Management process known as Big Chart. Established and headed a recurring selling project brainstorm session enabling selling design collaboration.
Coordinated and assisted the development of consistent off-roadmap HTML marketing pages, working as a product manager and UI consultant between Business/Marketing, Creative Design, and HTML developers.
Designed and helped to launch a variety of eBay products:
o Sell Your Item form redesign, 2001 - 2003 (Revise Your Item, Relist)
o Turbo Lister, Windows Client Application for bulk selling
o Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro, high volume sales tracking and management tools
o Consistent Marketing and Landing Pages, and Iconography Redesign
o Recently Viewed Items bottom-of-page reference
o Multi-item Payment flows (combining items from a single buyer for reduced shipping costs and ease of payment), focus on Selling Manager
o Selling Features: Suggested Categories, Spell Check, Feature Upsell
o eBay Picture Services (one-time picture hosting while selling) and Picture Manager (subscription picture hosting solution)

User Interface Designer - Webvan
February 2000 - April 2001
Designed, prototyped, and ran usability studies for the Webstore, the customer-facing browse/search interface for selecting and purchasing products, and scheduling delivery slots.
Designed and prototyped internal tools for Webvan's content managers and product publishers

User Interface Engineer - Constellar
June 1998 - January 2000
Designed and implemented a next-generation database management tool using Visual C++.

User Interface Engineer - Intraspect Software (acquired by Vignette)
July 1996 - January 1998
Designed and created, as part of a close-knit team, the Intraspect Knowledge Manager, a collaboration client for the Knowledge Server built for easy database collection and re-use of web, email, and file-based information. Implemented in Java, HTML, Visual Basic, and Visual C++.

User Interface Engineer - Aspect Telecommunications
October 1990 - September 1996
Designed and created CustomView Editor: a reporting system for the Aspect CallCenter built using Informix' Wingz, SQL, FTP, and MS Windows SDK.
Led a team of developers and acted as customer liaison in creating and maintaining a library of reports for CustomView Editor.

Software Engineer - Oracle Corporation
April 1989 - September 1990
Designed and built composite objects (including a linked-text help object) and demo applications for two Oracle multi-platform (X Window, Macintosh, Presentation Manager, Character mode) toolkits.

Software Engineer - Bell Communications Research
March 1986 - March 1989
Coded and helped to design DynaMICE (visual call management) in X Windows and Suntools.
Helped to implement Cruiser, a video tool for facilitating unplanned interactions between distanced co-workers.

Intern Programmer and Artist - Computer Magic Ltd.
June 1983 - January 1984
Designed and coded graphics for computer games on the Atari Home Computer.

Wireframes, interaction flows, use case scenarios, storyboards, and personas
Interaction design specification and documentation; Visio, MS Office proficiency
Web development: HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS. Cross-platform HTML development and optimization
Application development: have programmed in Visual C++ and Visual Basic
Image and icon creation, fluency in Adobe Photoshop
Project management, fluency in Caliber RM requirements management tool

New York Institute of Technology - Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude

Patent Pending through eBay: "Method to Identify a Suggested Location for Storing a Data Entry in a Database"
2nd place in eBay Competition for Accelerating Activation: "Suggested Pricing"
Quarterly Engineering Award at Aspect Telecommunications